General Provisions

1. All rights to the online store, including property rights
copyright, intellectual property rights to his name, his
Internet domain Web Site Store, as well as to
patterns, forms, logos posted on the Website
Store website (with the exception of logos and images presented
on the shop's website for the purposes of presentation of goods to
which the copyrights belong to third parties) belong to

2. The Seller reserves the right to place on the Website
Store website advertising content on offer
Goods, and goods and services of third parties, in forms
used in the Internet.

3. It is prohibited to use the Online Store or Pages
Store website by customers or third parties to submit
unsolicited commercial information.

Using the Online Shop

1. Using the online shop means any activity
Client, which leads to read through it with content
contained on the Website Store.

2. Using the Online Shop can be done only on
principles and to the extent specified in the Regulations.

3. To place an order in the Online Shop and in order to
the use of the services available on Internet Sites Store,
You must have the Client active e-mail account

4. Use the Online Shop customer is not entitled to
any interference with the content, structure, form, graphics, mechanism
Online Store activities and Party Shop.

5. It is prohibited to Client content that is
unlawful and use by the Client Shop
Internet Web Site Store or free services
provided by the Seller in a manner contrary to the law,
morality, violate personal rights of third parties.

6. You are entitled to use the resources Store
Internet only for personal use. It is not acceptable
use of resources and functions Online Shop for
conducting commercial activities by the Customer or that
violate the interests of the Seller.

7. The Seller represents that the public nature of the Internet
and the use of electronically supplied services may involve
with the threat of obtaining and modifying customer data
by unauthorized persons, so customers should apply
appropriate technical measures to minimize the abovementioned
threat. In particular, they should use programs
Anti-virus and protect the identity using the Internet.
Seller never asks the client to ask for access
him in any form Keywords.

1. To create Accounts, Customer shall be obliged to make

2. Registration is required for the submission of orders by customers
in online shop.

3. In order to register, the client should complete the registration form
made available by the Seller on the Website Store
and send the completed registration form electronically to
Vendors by selecting the appropriate function located
the registration form. During the Registration Client sets
Individual password.

4. Fill out the registration form is made under
the following principles:

a) The customer must fill in all fields
registration, unless the field is marked as optional;

b) The information entered in the registration form should
relate only to the customer and to be truthful, the
The customer is the person responsible for the accuracy of the information
entered into a registration form;

c) The customer should learn and acknowledge that read
the Regulations determining the appropriate form field

d) The Customer marking the appropriate box the registration form
should express their willingness to conclude a contract for the provision of road
e-mail, on his behalf by the Seller, services
conducting Customer Account, the turning away by the Client
intention to conclude the agreement prevents the registration and an Account

5. Sending registration form is
equivalent to:

a) the adoption to news and acceptance by the customer
provisions of the Regulations;

b) authorized vendors for processing personal data
Client contained in the registration form in order to
service carrying customer accounts and expression
approval of the transfer by the Seller to the e-mail address
electronic specified by the customer during registration,
information relating to the maintenance Customer Account.

6. During registration, the customer may consent to the processing
your personal data for marketing purposes. In this
If you clearly informs the seller to collect data
Personal Client, as well as the well-known vendor or
the expected recipients of the data. Agreeing to
processing of personal data for marketing purposes
It takes into account that:

a) The consent is voluntary and may be withdrawn at any time;

b) the Customer which data subjects have the right
access to content and correct personal data;

c) the delegation vendors of personal data occurs through
checking the appropriate box on the registration form.

7. Consent to the processing of personal data for purposes
marketing means, in particular, agree to receive
commercial information from vendors or advertisers
cooperating with the Seller by e-mail
Client specified in the registration form.

8. After a completed registration form, the Customer
receives immediately, either by e-mail
Electronic specified in the registration form confirmation
Registration by the Seller. At that time the contract is concluded
the provision of services electronically conducting Customer Account,
You gain the ability to access the Customer Account
and make changes to your registration data for
Except the Login.

9. The customer is obliged to make every effort to preserve
confidentiality and divulge to third parties passwords. In case
circumstances indicating a suspicion that the Password
It was in possession of an unauthorized person, the Customer
must immediately notify the fact Seller
using available means of communication. In such a situation
The customer should immediately change the password using
adequate functionalities within the Customer Account.

10. Seller develops and implements safeguards against unauthorized
the use, reproduction or distribution of content
contained on the Website Store. In the case of
application by the Seller these security Customers
They undertake to refrain from any action aimed at
to remove or circumvent such security or solutions.

1. The seller is responsible for non-conformity
if it is found by the Client who is a consumer
before the expiry of 2 years from date of delivery. The customer who is a consumer
is obliged to notify the Seller of established
the lack of conformity within 2 months from the date
finding of non-compliance.

2. The Seller within 14 (fourteen) days shall refer to
Commodity complaints reported by the customer and notify him of the way
further proceedings.

3. The purpose of the complaint of the Goods, the Customer must send or
provide the advertised product, together with, if possible, proof
purchase. Advertised Goods must be delivered or sent to the address
Seller. Seller returns to the Client documented costs

4. In the case of considering the complaint in favor of the Customer, Sales
Customer repair or replace the product advertised on
full blown. If the replacement or repair of narażałaby Customer
significant inconvenience to the Seller, as requested by the client,
reduce the price or refund - as a result of the withdrawal by the Customer
contract - full payment for the advertised product within 14
(fourteen) days. In the event of cancellation of the page
ask yourself what each other testified.

5. The customer may submit a complaint Sellers in connection with the use
of the free services provided electronically by
The Seller. The complaint may be submitted in electronic form
and sent to the electronic address of the Seller. The application
customer complaint should conclude your contact information and
a description of the problem. Seller shall promptly, but not later
than within fourteen (14) days shall consider complaints and grants
response to the e-mail client, given
in filing the claim.

Final and change the Rules

1. Regulations shall be applicable from the date of publication on the Store
Internet and replaces the previously existing regulations

2. The content of these Rules may be fixed by
printing, copying media or downloaded at any time with
Online Store.

3. Rules may be changed.