Anna Matusiak is collecting the data to ensure that we be able to contact you with regards to appointments via text message / WhatsApp / email / phone call / Facebook / Facebook messenger / instagram / instagram direct message. We need to store this data in order to comply with our public liability insurance and to be able to safely continue treatments.

All your paper records are stored in a locked cabinet. Any Phone numbers are kept in a mobile phone carried with the owner ( Anna Matusiak ) all the time.

All the data collected from our online shop are stored in our laptop, secured by Kaspersky Antyvirus. Only the owner ( Anna Matusiak ) and our office worker ( Patrycja Cabak ) have access to it. The laptop is secured in our office, locked every day in a room in a building with double door and an alarm. Access to the cabinet and all collected data have: Anna Matusiak (salon owner) and our office worker Patrycja Cabak.

You have a right to get an access to your data collected in our base, and we have a liability to prepare for you a copy of your data up to 30 days.

We will store your data as long as you are our regular customer or up to 12 months from the day of your last treatment. After 12 months we will email you if you wish us to keep your records longer, in case if you would like to use our service in future. No reply for this email will result in erasing of all your computer records and paper records shredding.